Focused on results from the outset.

Ascalis creates economic opportunities in commercial real estate with a structured approach and a solid empirical foundation. We work with a service model structured into four areas that provides you with customized, board-ready reporting and maximum process transparency at all times.


To generate maximal value in the properties managed by us, our highest attention is concentrated on the rental situation. Unlike traditional brokerage companies, we also provide the planning and technical services that often are a prerequisite for successfully closing a commercial lease contract.


Successes in the commercial rental business often need – in addition to knowing the (e.g. technical) requirements of the tenant – creativity in offer placement and frequently also the direct addressing of appropriate potential tenants. Ascalis operates on the basis of many years of market experience, robust personal networks, using a structured system for finding tenants. This is how we achieve results ranging from large retail chain stores, classic office tenants and world-leading production companies to small companies and temporary users. In addition to the acquisition of new tenants, our range of services encompasses the optimization of existing leases.


Ascalis provides planning and project-management services for construction measures aimed at generating or refurbishing rental space (conversions/expansions) or upgrading and restructuring the building stock. We perform the coordination with the authorities (up to and including the allocation of building rights) and coordinate the integration of necessary specialized planners.


We manage all maintenance measures in house, coordinate the rapid elimination of defects, thereby completing the prerequisites for preserving a property’s value and extending existing leases. We also accompany larger structural measures up to partial demolitions and new builds.


As a property owner interested in selling, you aim for maximum sales proceeds and a quick, capacity-sparing execution. Ascalis achieves these goals through the professional preparation of the sales object and a targeted market approach that optimizes your negotiating position by recruiting the maximum number of prospective purchasers.


The attractiveness of an investment, as perceived by a prospective purchaser, is based on the scope, timeliness and quality of information provided for the sales object. We therefore take care of this factor in the entire range of relevant documents and information, from a complete list of tenants, rental contracts, the technical documentation, meaningful, high-quality photos, the research of economic indicators regarding the property, its location and competition, to legal (planning) requirements and restrictions.

When providing information and determining a target-group-oriented distribution channel, we draw on our many years of experience with the requirements of the relevant investor groups. That is how we make sure that the respective property is placed on the market properly, while minimizing spreading loss.


Our extensive network of contacts gives you access to investors both from the institutional as well as the private sector. Based on permanent rigorous market analysis, we are aware of the investment profiles of countless potential buyers and can contact them directly, i.e. without needing a public notice of the intention of selling.

We can carry out structured bidding processes guided by a detailed process logic for you, as well as “off-market”-transactions. Prospective buyers appreciate the fact that our commitment does not end after establishing contact to an owner, but usually encompasses the support in technical and formal detail questions. As a seller, we always keep you abreast of our actions and the status of the proceedings in a detailed and transparent manner.


“A difficult market!” or “With that kind of product?” – there are numerous popular explanations for a persistent lack of rental success. But the causes often can be found in a property management that is technically inadequate or lacks motivation. In the field of commercial (including accounting) and technical management, we are greatly committed to working for you with an eye for the following qualities:

  • fully integrated processing of commercial and technical tasks
  • diligent budgeting and resource planning
  • ongoing, customized reporting, multilingual upon request
  • electronic document management with access by the owner at any time
  • legally compliant contract management with scheduling and deadlines monitoring
  • immediate access without restrictions by call-center use or office hours

The proactive reduction of costs is also of special importance to us: cost-element-specific know-how and the willingness to examine performance components down to the details put us in a position to ascertain and reduce management costs even in complex cases. Our field of view extends across all relevant cost elements in commercial, technical and infrastructural facility management. We analyze contractual structures and the service levels; if necessary, we carry out new invitations to tender for service relationships or optimize existing contracts.

& Support

Ascalis also offers support that fulfills the highest expectations in terms of quality and efficiency in other phases of the investment in and management of commercial real estate.


We also apply our knowledge of the German and Austrian commercial real estate markets in the course of purchasing appropriate assets – be it as an adviser or together in a co-investment with you. We are happy to search and present high-potential investment opportunities, adjusted to your specific investment profile. We work with a methodology that is based on the experiences with more than 1,600 assessed commercial properties and can also take care of the corresponding due diligence.


The availability of current, consistent (contract) data and documents is a prerequisite for efficient management processes and well-informed decisions – at both the strategic and operational level. Based on standardized collation systems and the cognizance of typical pitfalls, we complete and ascertain the contractual and informational situation of your properties, create appropriate databases and make an implementation in IT systems or transaction platforms possible.