Ascalis gets economic results for the owners of commercial real estate. With an experienced, operationally oriented organization, we stand for professional management and marketing processes.


The economic performance of real estate is the product of asset-specific, market-related and organizational aspects. Only an integrated view can ensure that all relevant factors are taken into account and optimized sustainably. In this sense, Ascalis applies the systematic approach of value management to the management of commercial real estate investments..


Success in the commercial real estate business is not only the result of extensive market knowledge and reliable networks. More than anything, it requires technically diligent operations and an efficient approach. The basis of our mission statement therefore lies in our enthusiasm for day-to-day real estate operations and the unconditional quest for excellent results for our clients.


A focus of our activities is care-intensive real estate with the potential to realize value increases through creative usage concepts and proactive management. In this way, we can lay the foundation for the optimization of the revenue outlook even before a relevant sale process commences – or create the basis for long-term management.

Lars Rybak

Lars Rybak

Managing Director

Ascalis is a team of experienced, highly motivated specialists that find and implement solutions even for difficult tasks. We work in an efficient organizational structure without costly overhead and have many years of experience in optimizing and marketing commercial real estate. We honor the confidence placed in us with integrity, reliability and maximum transparency.

In our projects, we work for clients who value analytical competence and creativity, but above all implementation skills, and they expect results. This includes cooperation with

  • banks and their work-out units,
  • listed real-estate companies,
  • fund-managers / private-equity funds,
  • private individuals,
  • property developers and
  • non-property companies.


You want to work for our company? Then feel free to contact us: Ascalis is always interested in the dialogue with potential team members, be it on a salaried or a freelance basis.

Trainees and career starters

Following school examinations, would you like to start your career with an apprenticeship in the real estate industry? Ascalis offers you the opportunity to experience a wide range of real-world work fields and to develop a comprehensive understanding of a value-oriented approach to real estate assets.

We offer the possibility to enter an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial environment to young professionals with a relevant (higher) education who have a general appreciation of real estate economic issues from first-hand experience and want to learn more. Thanks to the transfer of responsibility for practical tasks early on in the process and continuous support from experienced colleagues, you will learn the ins and outs of value-optimizing management and the marketing of complex commercial real estate.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Experienced and freelance professionals

The complexity of the tasks that we take on in the context of our business model requires extensive experience to start with, in addition to relevant knowledge. Consequently, qualified employees are the foundation of our business success. We could be a good fit if you also have a passion for real estate operations and prefer succeeding to talking about it. If you can demonstrate appropriate results in past projects, we can also involve you in our projects as a freelancer, e.g. for temporary assignments.

We look forward to receiving your application!